Holographic kunai earrings / Silicone mold made to order

Silicone mold for casting resin in general, but also wax, gypsum, concrete... It is heat resistant up to 232° C (70° C for transparent molds) and suitable for casting metal alloys melted at low temperature (for any questions, do not hesitate to contact me).

All molds are made to order, the fabrication time is about 5 working days (add to that the time of order processing, shipping ...).

Please note that the moulds are handmade and may contain small defects. Small defects do not affect the functionality of the mould unless otherwise specified.

Holographic molds transfer their effect to the resin pieces cast inside, each resin piece cast in these molds will come out with a shiny and holographic effect. Pictures of holographic molds were taken with direct light, depending on the brightness of your room the effect is more or less intense.

Be careful however the holographic effect disappears if you apply a layer of coating resin on your piece, as well as if you apply paint, powder ... or other materials directly to the bottom of the mold. The holographic effect transfer is a fragile technique, that's why you should be careful and avoid touching the bottom of the mold with your fingers, tools ... for a longer life of the holographic effect. If all precautions are taken the holographic effect will transfer as many times as the mold lifetime.

The edges of the resin piece can be domed or sanded for a better finish!

All measures shown are in cm.

*This product is not food safe


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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 cm
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